Our collection team are highly trained, from clearing unwanted panels from solar farms to decommissioning domestic installs. Our team can do it all.


Recycling solar panels really does complete the cycle. After years of generation the panels can be recycled to create solar panels for future generations to benefit from.


Our profits go back in to local communities. Fuel poverty is still a big issue facing many families in Ireland. RecycleSolar invest in energy saving schemes and renewable technologies.

Collections to fit in with you.

Our team work with you from quotation to collection, we can look at various solutions and offer a wide variety of collection and delivery services to best suit your needs. We take the hassle out of solar disposal.

Recycling solar products for future generations.

RecycleSolar recognise there is a rising demand for handling waste solar and WEEE products. The vital metals and materials used in this equipment is not suitable for landfill and is needed for manufacturing new products.

Reinvesting in local communities.

In today's world fuel poverty should not be an issue. An abundance of power from a variety of sources should mean everyone could have access to affordable power. This is not the case though and for some choosing to keep the heating on is a luxury they just cant afford.

Next Steps...

If you would like a quote or to arrange a collection of your scrap, faulty or unwanted solar panels please contact us by email or phone today.