Recycle Solar in Ireland

Recycle Solar love everything about solar energy. Harvesting the worlds most abundant source of power in an affordable and unobtrusive way makes perfect sense.

Solar panels by and large last a very long time, upwards of twenty years in a lot of cases, and they are very reliable. The first solar panels installed are now getting to a point when they may be failing or are not efficient enough to be economically viable.

Damage, fault and upgrade are all reasons why more solar panels are requiring disposal. Recycle solar take solar PV panels and other solar technology and responsibly recycle them.

Damaged Panels

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Our clients love our dedication and professionalism on site and come back to us again and again.
We offer a wide variety of service options to suit any scale or budget.
From one off domestic to multiple solar farm maintenance, we have it covered.

Oxfordshire County Council
Ethical Power
Empower Energy
North Lincolnshire County Council

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If you would like a quote or to arrange a collection of your scrap, faulty or unwanted solar panels please contact us by email or phone today.